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Typical products of the Salerno province ... and much more!

THE COMFORT OF A GOOD SERVICE IS THE RIGHT START FOR A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY is an innovative service about the supply of the galley with a delivery service directly on board. Designed expressly for all the customers that benefit from the port service at Marina of Arechi (during the current period) shortly on-line for all the Campania's coast. Considering the tradition, the one of the good taste handed down from generation to generation, with this service, we want to combine it, expand it and embrace it with the passion for the sea and the boats. We are offering the opportunity to the producers to sell online in all the Tyrrhenian's harbours without middlemen managing in autonomy their products on a real and personal online shop. The sailors, in the double meaning of the term, they buy easily online the typical products of the tradition on sure of the quality and of the saving gave by the zero km quality and they will have the products delivered directly at their berth harbour.

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The project boasts about the presence of a reality composed by thirty excellences of the Campania region, each one with an own exclusive online shop sorted by type of product: 100 excellences proposed in the market. A sort of provincial institution of food on the sea, significant also at national and international degree considering the great touristic value of the region. On will be inserted excursions, essentials and secondary services (boat cleaning, chef on board), personal guides and tour guides.

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